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Restraining Orders

Please check our COVID-19 page for the latest information on Court operations.

Safety: As a victim of domestic violence your safety and the safety of your children and family are very important. Remember if you are making phone calls from home or using your computer at home that there are often ways that other people in your home can check calls and internet sites that you have visited.

If you are in danger now, call 911.

All restraining orders requests are filed and heard at the Watsonville court location at 1 Second Street, Watsonville, CA 95076. These restraining orders include domestic violence prevention, elder abuse prevention, civil harassment prevention, workplace violence, private postsecondary school violence prevention and gun violence prevention restraining orders.

Getting Assistance at the Self Help Center

The Self Help Center located at the Courthouse in Watsonville assists people who do not have lawyers in applying for and responding to restraining orders. Staff provides instructions on how to complete court forms, how to file with the court, how to properly serve the other side, and how to prepare for your court hearing.  See the Self Help Center's page for information about how to get help. 

Where to File

All restraining order requests, modifications, terminations and anything else associated with a restraining order filing is filed at the Watsonville court location at 1 Second Street, Room 300, Watsonville. If the initial restraining order request is brought to the Santa Cruz court location, Room 110, it will be scanned to the Watsonville Court location; however no subsequent papers can be brought for filing in Santa Cruz.

Ex Parte Filing Process

Restraining Orders must be filed with the clerk’s office no later than 10:00 am for the request to be considered that same day.

Court Hearings

All court hearings will take place at the Watsonville court location. Date, time and Department number will be assigned by the clerk at the time of filing. You may appear in-person or remotely for your hearing.  If you plan on appearing remotely, you will need to give notice of your intent to appear remotely to the court and the other party by filing out form RA-010. You will need to submit your evidence ahead of time. Make sure you read the handout on evidence submission and other information on the Remote Appearance page. If you need assistance regarding remote appearances call the clerk's office at (831) 786-7200. Follow the prompts to connect with the Family Law/Restraining Order department for all restraining order types.  

Local and State Domestic Violence Resources

Where to Get Forms and Additional Assistance with the Forms

You can obtain restraining order court forms at a variety of locations including:


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