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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response Information


For news and announcements concerning COVID-19, Please visit our COVID-19 information page.

Appearing before the Court?  Learn about Remote Appearances
Face Coverings at the Courthouse: Those people fully vaccinated may enter without a face covering. However, unvaccinated persons are required to wear a face covering in the courthouse at all times.

Payment Information

The Santa Cruz Superior Court accepts the following methods of payment for court fees, fines, and other services such as requests for copies of court files.

  • In Person: The Court accepts the following methods of payment at public windows at the Santa Cruz and Watsonville Courthouses: cash, personal check, cashier check, and credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as Debit Cards with pin number).
  • Online Traffic: Payment with credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover)
  • Online E-file: Credit Card and e-check payment (Visa, MasterCard and Discover)
  • Mail-in Payments: Payments are accepted for fines, fees, and services like copy requests using personal or cashier check. When the cost of a service is not fully known, like in the case of a copy request, please write your check for an amount not to exceed a maximum amount. A recommended amount is generally $75, see sample, Example Not to Exceed Check.


Fees: There is an approximate 2% credit card fee charged for each credit card transaction.