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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Response Information


For news and announcements concerning COVID-19, Please visit our COVID-19 information page.

Appearing before the Court?  Learn about Remote Appearances

Face-coverings at the Courthouse: Effective Monday, March 7, 2022 the Court is modifying face-covering rules. The Court strongly encourages, but will not require, face-coverings for those who are fully vaccinated in all court facilities. All other unvaccinated persons entering court facilities will continue to be required to wear face-coverings.


Appellate Division

What is an Appeal?

An Appeal is a review by another court of the trial court’s decision.

An appeal is not a retrial, except in small claims appeals. Generally, the appeal must be based on an argument that a legal error was made by the trial court; introduction of new evidence will not be permitted, and the appellate court will not reweigh conflicting evidence.


Where are Appeals heard?

Small claims appeals are heard through the small claims division at the Courthouse in Watsonville.

Misdemeanor, traffic, and limited civil jurisdiction cases only are decided by the Santa Cruz Superior Court Appellate Division. The Appellate Division hears oral arguments one Thursday afternoon per month at the Courthouse in Santa Cruz.

Felony, Probate, Family Law, and Unlimited Civil Cases are decided by the California Court of Appeals for the Sixth District located in San Jose.


What judges hear appeals in the Santa Cruz Superior Court Appellate Division?


Honorable Syda Cogliati, Appellate Presiding Judge

Honorable Paul Burdick, Associate Judge

Honorable Timothy Schmal, Associate Judge

Honorable Nancy de la Pena, Associate Judge

*Judicial officers subject to change

Filing a Notice of Appeal

The Notice of Appeal must be filed with the Appeals Unit before the filing deadline. To find the filing deadline for your case, see the California Rules of Court, Title 8. Appellate Rules

Forms can be located on the Judicial Council’s website at

Where to File an Appeal

Appeals may be efiled or filed in person, even for attorneys.  In person appeals should be filed in Room 110 of the Santa Cruz Courthouse, 701 Ocean Street.

Additional Resources

For information regarding preparation of designated appellate records, please contact the Appeals Department at

Local Appellate Rules

Civil Appeals Judicial Counsel Self-help link:

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