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New Online Ability to Pay Determinations for Infractions

The Judicial Council has developed an online option for people struggling with court debt from eligible infraction violations not requiring a personal appearance. The "MyCitations" tool allows people to look up their citation, answer a series of simple questions and submit a request to the court for a possible reduction in the amount owed. Users can also request a payment plan, more time to pay, or community service. An important alternative to appearing in person, this new option saves both the public and the courts significant time and resources.

With the passage of Assembly Bill No. 143 (chapter 79, Statutes of 2021) each of the 58 trial courts will offer online ability-to-pay determinations using MyCitations by June 30, 2024. Santa Cruz will "go live" on the MyCitations: Ability to Pay tool beginning Friday February 18th, 2022 . 

MyCitations Demo Video


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