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Criminal COVID-19 Information

Criminal Court are open at this time and you must come to court unless you have received a notice with a new court date. The Court is taking a variety of active steps to keep court users safe. 

Remote Hearings

Attorneys and other justice partners may attend court remotely using a computer or devise during the COVID-19 Response. The Court has distributed information to local justice partners about accessing hearings remotely. If you are an attorney or a justice partner, and you need information about appearing for a hearing remotely, click here to locate remote appearance information.

Courts must receive the consent of the defendant to conduct a proceeding remotely and otherwise comply with Emergency Rule #5 of the Judicial Council's April 6, 2020 Emergency Rules. It is the responsibility of each defendant's attorney to obtain consent and provide it to the Court. The following local form are provided here for this purpose:

Local Form SUPCV 321 (Penal Code 977)

Jury Trials

To request permission for access to a scheduled jury trial, please email  with the case name and number (if available) and the date of the trial.


It is important that you contact the Court immediately if you have a warrant. The Clerk’s Office is open each weekday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Some warrants, depending on the situation, may be handled over the phone by calling (831) 420-2200.


Payment due dates remain in effect during this time. We recommend you make payments online or by mail (checks only). The Clerk’s Office is open from 8 AM to 3 PM each weekday or you can use the drop box at the Santa Cruz Clerk’s Office at 701 Ocean Street (Room 120) available until 5 PM.


The Court will resume sending unpaid cases to collections starting July 1, 2020. If you have a payment(s) due between now, you are encouraged to make payments online or by mail. Please mail payments to 701 Ocean Street, Room 120, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Only personal checks or cashier checks are accepted by mail.

Community Service

Deadlines for community service hours have been extended during this time. You can get an extension by calling either the Court or the Santa Cruz County Volunteer Center.