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Criminal COVID-19 Information

Criminal Courtrooms are open at this time and you must come to court unless you have received a notice with a new court date. The Court is taking a variety of active steps to keep court users safe. Effective Monday, March 7, 2022 the Court is modifying face-covering rules. The Court strongly encourages, but will not require, face-coverings for those who are fully vaccinated in all court facilities. All other unvaccinated persons entering court facilities will continue to be required to wear face-coverings. The Self-Help Center and Law Library will still require face-coverings upon entry regardless of vaccination status.

Remote Hearings

Criminal courts are attempting to conduct most hearings in person at this time. Defendants in misdemeanor cases may appear remotely for a hearing unless it is a trial. Defendants in felony cases may attend certain hearings remotely but must inform the court, either orally or in writing, at the previous hearing before they plan to appear remotely. Regardless, defendants in felony cases must appear in person for court at arraignment, the time of plea, during a preliminary hearing, during those portions of the trial when evidence is taken before the trier of fact, and at the time of the imposition of sentence. Consulting with an attorney is the best way to determine when and if a remote appearance is possible.

When it is appropriate and a defendant seeks to participate remotely, it is the responsibility of each defendant's attorney to obtain consent and provide it to the Court (felony cases only). The following local form is provided here for this purpose:


Local Form SUPCV 321 (Penal Code 977)


(Please note that the Court continues to conduct remote Traffic arraignments for infraction cases.)


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