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Electronic Filing

Electronic filing ("e-filing") is available for all case types. e-Filing is mandatory for attorneys. Santa Cruz Superior Court’s local rule regarding e-filing is posted on our Local Rules page, see rule 1.3. This rule includes a list of filings which are exempt from mandatory e-filing.

Self-Represented Litigants are encouraged to use e-filing but are not required. Use our Quick E-Filing Guide to get started. Filings from Self-Represented Litigants may be submitted by mail or in person at the clerk’s windows during regular business hours.

Getting Started:

The first step in e-filing is to select a service provider. You will find a list of e-filing Service Providers (EFSP). The EFSP acts as an intermediary between you and the court’s case management system.

When reviewing the list of EFSP’s keep in mind that most offer do-it-yourself and concierge services for filing. Additionally, the service fees charged vary by EFSP and each offer e-filing support (users must establish a “waiver” account to avoid fees for criminal filings). When deciding on your EFSP look at the level of filing support offered to see if it fits your needs.

Once you pick the e-filing Service Provider (EFSP) you would like to use for e-filing you will be able to go through their tutorial on how to e-file.

If you have e-filed with another court, you do not need to re-register or pick a new provider (as long as your provider is on the list).

If you decide to change service providers, you do not need to re-register. You will be able to use your login information with the new provider.

If you have technical issues with filing, please contact the EFSP for assistance.

Please read through the linked FAQ below.

Small Claims

You can easily file small claims cases online with Odyssey Guide & File. Simply complete the interview, generate forms and submit the forms either electronically, at the counter, or via mail.
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After reviewing the materials posted on this site if you still have questions about Santa Cruz Superior Court e-filing please contact: Florence Patten, Supervisor of Civil Operations: for civil case types or Coree Masters, Supervisor of Criminal Operations: for criminal case types.

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